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Tue, Dec 15 2015


5 Rounds for Total Reps:
30 sec max Cal Row
30 sec Rest
30 sec max rep Thrusters (96/65)
30 sec Rest
30 sec max rep Burpee Over Bar
30 sec Rest

Strength (yes, after conditioning)
Strict Press: In 8 min work up to 3 RM

Turkish Half* Get-Up: Accumulate 30-40 on each side
* only get-up to forearm and return to ground

Extra - After Class

At 80% of 3RM Press, complete 20 reps in as few sets as possible, every fail complete 10 strict pullups

Back Squat: EMOM x 8 min complete 3 reps starting at 70% working up to max 3RM in time domain

December 13
Mon, Dec 14 2015
December 15
Wed, Dec 16 2015