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Wednesday, Jan 20 2016


Clean and Jerk: 15 minutes to find heavy single or work on technique

AMRAP in 20 minutes, One Round = 12-9-6:
Push Press (95/65) | R+ HSPU
OHS (95/65)
rest 2 minutes between ‘Rounds’. No dropping 10’s or 15’s.


Before Class
Clean and Jerk first.

EMOM x 6 min: 6 TNG Deadlift @ 60% + 12 Alt Pistols

3 min. foam roller/barbell OH mobility

AMRAP in 5ft. increments:
HS walk to wall and hold for 5 sec.
Example: 5 ft. HS walk + hold, 10 ft. HS walk + hold, 15 ft. HS walk +hold etc. until failure
Rest 3 min and Repeat

9 min. Tabata
– Alt. between L&R elbow side planks