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Friday, Jan 29 2016


In heats as needed. If you prefer to do extra lifting, let other heats go and complete metcon after lifting.

“Open WOD 15.5”
27-21-15-9 for time (20 min cap):
Calorie Row
Thruster (95/65)

IMMEDIATELY after completion (without sitting down) 800m jog cooldown at a easy pace.
We will repeat an old Open workout every week up to the Open. Look back and see if you’re more fit EVEN while in the midst of training hard.

Extra – Before Metcon

Snatch: Find max in 10 min, then max reps @ 60% in 90 sec
no sets lower than 2 count toward total, must be done in at least reps of 2 TNG

Clean and Jerk: find max in 12 min, then max reps @ 60% in 2 min
no sets lower than 3 count toward total, must be done in at least reps of 3 TNG

4 min. Tabata: Bar Arch Holds

6 sets of following complex:
4 Hollow/arch kips
4 Pullups
4 Hollow/arch kips

4 min. Tabata: Hollow V-ups