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Wed, Nov 23 2016


For Time:
10 Power Snatches (115/75 | R+ 135/95)
800M Run
15 Shoulder to Overhead
600M Run
20 Power Cleans
400M Run
25 Deadlifts
200M Run

Metcon target is 14-20 minutes. Scale remaining runs in half if 800 takes longer than 5 minutes.


Jerk Dip + Jerk w/ 3 sec. hold in split: 11 min. to find max for the day
THEN - at 80% of today's max, 8 jerks AFAP from rack

BS: 5 sets to work to 5rm for the day
*rest no more than 3 min. b/n the start of each set

7 sets of 2 - Strict MU
*scale with feet on box while in hollow position

After conditioning: 100 Hollow rocks

November 22
Tuesday, NOV 22 2016
November 27
Monday, Nov 28, 2016