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Monday, Nov 28, 2016


Overhead Squat: 12 min to find 2RM

6 Min to Climb the Ladder
50M Run
2 FS (135/95)
100M Run
4 FS
...etc adding 50M and 2FS each round

Rest 4 min and Repeat, record total number of squats


10 min. EMOM - Snatch pull to explode + Hang snatch (below the knee) - building as able

5 sets:
2 strict TTB + 2 Bar MU + 2 kip TTB + 2 Bar MU
*scale MU w/ PU as needed.

After Conditioning
40 total turkish sit ups (split equally)
*start of TGU but you will only go up onto the hand

November 23
Wed, Nov 23 2016
November 28
Tuesday, Nov 29 2016