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Friday, Nov 04 2016

Shoulder Press: Build to 5RM

For time:
100 Thrusters (95/65 | R+ 115/80)
*Every time you drop the bar break = 10 Deadlifts


FS: 10 min. to find 2rm w/ 3 sec. hold in bottom of 1st rep

A) 3 sets of 5 e/side
-Handstand leans into alt. arms
(focus on stacked body, don't overreach w/ neck etc)

B) 2x through, rest as needed
-10 ft HS walk to wall w/ 30 sec. hold
-20 ft. HS walk to wall w/ 20 sec. hold
-30 ft. HS walk to wall w/ 10 sec. hold

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November 6
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