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488 Regal Row Suite 118
Brownsville, TX, 78521
United States


Thursday March 10 2016


5 minute Foam Roller with emphasis on Quads/Calves/IT Band/etc.
5 minute Leg Stretch (Hamstrings/Couch Stretch/Groin/etc)
5 minute Overhead Mobility Band Stretches
15 e/s Monster Walk + 15 Squats (us new slingshot bands around knees)

At Conversation Pace, 5 Rounds:
3 Perfect/Controlled Wall Walks
20 Calorie Row
30 Second plank
4 Snatches (50-60%)
8 Barbell Bent Over Rows (Snatch Weight)


15 minutes of Goat work
(Something we haven’t seen in the Open yet.)