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Friday April 15 2016


Bench Press: 50/6, 60/5, 65/4, 70/4*3 sets

EMOM x 20 min:
0:00- 12 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
1:00- 8 Strict Pullups
2:00- 8-12 Ring Pushups
3:00- 30 sec row or airdyne sprint


Bench first, then the extra, then conditioning.
DB Reverse Fly: 3x12
DB Bent Over Row: 3x15
DB Tricep Extension: 3x20

4 sets - 20 ft. Jerk Grip OH walk w/ 20 sec hold at end
*stay stacked

3x through, rest as needed
-10 ft HS walk to wall w/ 20 sec. hold
-15 ft. HS walk to wall w/ 15 sec. hold
-20 ft. HS walk to wall w/ 10 sec. hold
-25 ft. HS walk to wall w/ 5 sec. hold

After Conditioning
50 band pull aparts w/ connected core
Every 10 stop and perform 10 weighted situps