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Saturday, April 09 2016


Front Squat: 60/3, 70/3, 75/3, 80/3, 85/3

In teams of two, 4 Rounds for Time:
400m run
20 Straight Legged/Body Strict Pullups
80 Abmat Situps
One person working at a time, run together. 


Sotts Press: 3x3 as warmup EMOM
Snatch: work up to 75% in 6 minutes and complete 3x3 every 90 sec

Press in Split: 3x3 as warmup EMOM
CJ: work up to 75% in 5 minutes and complete 3x2 every 90 sec

4 sets of 20 - high plank shoulder taps (no rotation)

5 sets of 6-10 tempo kipping HSPU: 3 sec. descent from top + Kip up