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Friday, Jun 17 2016


5 Rounds (20 min cap):
7 Strict Pullups | R+ 3 Rope climbs
12 Russian KBS (70/55) | R+ 20 Reps
15 Pushups | R+ 15 Ring dips
1 Minute Rest Between Rounds


Accumulate 25 hollow V-ups AFAP (if your feet or upper shoulders touch the ground, drop and rest)

Accumulate 25 weighted Arch ups w/ 1 sec hold at top of each


Before Class

Bench Press: In 6 sets find 3rm

4 Super Sets, Rest as needed but keep a steady pace
-4 perfect kips directly into Max -1 (do not fail, leave one in the tank) Bar MU
-4 alt. e/l 5 sec. Eccentric pistol squat