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Saturday Jun 25 2016

Foam Rolling seminar presented by Airrosti tomorrow @ 10 AM!

Doors will open at 7AM for OLY lifting/Open Gym

We will stay after the seminar for the WOD, If you would like to come in for the WOD tomorrow, come in at 11AM!

In teams of two, AMRAP in 20 min:
20 Toes-to-bar
30 Burpee Over Bar
20 HR Pushups
200m march w/ bar in back rack (135/95)
One person working at a time, break up reps/carry as needed.



12 minutes to find max Clean + FS + Jerk: 1+1+1

In 10 minutes find max Snatch + OHS: 2+2
rest 3 min


FS: Find 2RM in 8 minutes

4 sets at a steady pace - 10 alt. pistols weighted with KB/DB - 40 ft. HS walk - 30 hollow rocks