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Tuesday July 18 2016

This week kicks off the 2016 CrossFit Games. The Teens and Masters begin first, with everything starting Tuesday. The individuals won't start until Wed or Thur, and everyone is still waiting for the announcement of Event 1 details.

Click Here for more information. Teen, Master, and Team events will be live on YouTube, Individual Events will be on WatchESPN app and website. And be sure to show some love for  Power and Grace athlete, Logan Collins.


Clean Grip Deadlift: Find 5RM in 10 minutes.

Teams of three, four rounds each for time (2 min cap per segment):
500M Row
400M Run

Keep your row and run under 2 minutes! Every time your run or row take longer than 2 minutes, reduce by 100M for the remaining rounds. Everyone starts on Row, Partner B starts Row as soon as Partner A finishes Row, and so on.


Clean + FS: 12 minutes to find max 2+1

With minimal rest between:
Accumulate 2:00 min Box shoulder Stretch
2 Min. Tabata Chin and Toes to wall
2 attempts Max HS walk
2 Min. Tabata Chin and Toes to wall
Accumulate 2:00 min Box shoulder Stretch