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Mon, Apr 03 2017


Hang Snatch from above knee: 50/3, 60/3, 70/2, 75/2*4

AMRAP in 18 min:
400m Run
21 Wallballs (20/14)
9 Burpees
Rest 90 sec between rounds


Before Class
FS: 3 sets working up... 4th set = 10RM
*get 10 reps, don't stress if you have more in the tank

6 sets not for time on bar:
5 sec. hollow hold + 5 sec. arch hold + 5 kips + 5 kipping pullups (no butterfly)
*focus only on positions and keeping them throughout kips

Immediately After Conditioning
4 min. tabata - Arch holds
*scale by holding crunch (elbows to knees)