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Thi, May 04 2017

 CrossFit CrossFit Varsity   Fundamentals Lifting Class Open Gym Personal Coaching  



Child Pose - 1 minute round back
Child Pose - 1 minute arched back
Pigeon Pose - 1 min e/side
Couch Stretch - 1 min e/side
Pec Smash w/ LX ball - 1 min e/side

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Rowling (Distance)
Rowling is a rowing competition (game) that uses a similar format to that of a game of bowling.

Each athlete will row 10 “frames”. The goal for each frame is to stop the meter counter as close to a designated distance as possible.

For example, if the designated number is 100m; if at the end of the “frame” the counter reads 102m, the score for that frame is 2. The score would be the same if the counter read 98m. If the counter stops on 100m, the score for the frame is 0 and would thus be equivalent to a strike in bowling. The goal is to have the lowest score for each round and the lowest accumulated score for the game.

Sounds fairly simple! The rules are as follows:
– You are only allowed full strokes.

– Once you stop rowing, you are done rowing for the frame and the handle must be put back in the catch before the meter counter comes to a complete stop.

– The winner of “each frame” will be awarded the opportunity to pick a body weight movement (i.e. burpees, pull ups, push ups) to be completed by everyone else who did not win the frame. The number of reps is equal to sum of the 2 highest scores for each frame.

– The winner of the “game” is the person with the lowest overall score when each frame is added together. The winner of the “game” also may choose a body weight exercise for everybody to complete that is equivalent to the sum of the 2 highest overall scores.

Most importantly, have fun!!!
Todays designated distance for each frame is 250m! Enjoy!