CrossFit Brownsville 9:17 AM (0 minutes ago) to me

Besides setting yourself up for success, meal prepping on a Sunday also:

  1. Save Money –  It may not seem like it when you’re at the register at HEB, but you can get a pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts (5lb) that could turn into the protein portion of 7-10 meals for about $8. You’ll spend at least $8 eating out for lunch every day.
  2. Eat Real Food – Do we know what chicken nuggets are made out of yet in 2018? Meal prepping helps you ensure that you and your family are eating foods dense in nutrients instead of preservatives, hormones, and other additives we want to avoid.
  3. Less Stress –  Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day?  Having your meals prepped and planned eliminates going to and from work for lunch in a rush and battling traffic. Impatience can lead us to a fast food drive thru window instead of a healthier option at the restaurant you were “going to go to”. (Totally me)
  4. Save Time – You’re busy enough.. prepping your meals give you so much more time for activities… like hitting the gym! See you there!