Getting a Six Pack, Myth buster Edition!

How Fast Can I get a six pack?! It’s a common question. A defined midsection has definitely become a mark of achievement in fitness. If “beach ready abs” are one of your goals, we want to help you avoid some internet “myths” that may get in the way of your #shredded goals.

Myth #1: Core Exercises

Busted! Spending extra time and energy knocking out crunches/ situps by the hundreds won’t necessarily help you burn stomach fat. 

They WILL help you get a stronger core, which is a great help to keeping you injury free. However, these exercises on their own won’t burn many calories, and again , won’t guarantee fat loss.

Myth #2: Abs = Great Health

Busted! Some people carry more body fat than others. Everyone’s body is different, and in no case does having abs mean a person is at optimal health. Genetics plays a big role when it comes to body fat.

For example, a lighter person could starve themselves for a few days to achieve a more defined midsection, which can cause serious damage to their bodies. On the other hand, many elite level athletes maintain a completely healthy body fat while not necessarily having shredded/ripped abs. 

Myth #3 Abs are made in the kitchen.


The quickest way to a visible six pack is to reduce your total body fat, while also building, or at the very least, sustaining muscle!

We can achieve that with a consistent combination of exercise and nutrition. We all have a six pack, its just sometimes covered by extra fat we are carrying around.

Reducing body fat is also super beneficial for many reasons including; decreased risk of diabetes, lowering blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, decreased risk of heart disease, decreased risk of certain cancers, improved mobility, decreased joint pain, and improved blood sugar levels to name a few.

What to do:

No need to jump of some fad internet diet, please don’t “intermittently keto your juice fast” if you haven’t started with some of the basics:

  • Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day
  • Drink plenty of water (80 oz is a good starting number)
  • Eat vegetables with every meal

Set Attainable goals, like anything else, reducing body fat is a “slow burn”, pun intended! The health benefits far outweigh the aesthetics, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more confident in your appearance. 

If you really want to get serious, lets set up a Nutrition consult to get you started with a customized meal plan from our Dietitian.