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Trying to eat better? You MUST have come across the great potato debate. Which is better, one is a super-food, both taste great with butter! For the majority of these emails, I use my daily conversations and questions I get from those who ask. I LOVE to help, and so does our coaching staff, so if/when you have them… ASK questions!

I will tell you that for the last 3-4 years I have heard/ read so many different arguments about which potato is good, which one is bad etc. But it wasn’t until this morning when I was sent a link to a great article that confirmed my suspicions. Sweet potatoes and “regular” potatoes have a lot of similarities although sweet potatoes are referred to as a super food because they have Vitamin A. Both can be healthy options OR bad options if we dump cheese butter and bacon on them or make french fries out of them.

What I absolutely loved about the article was that it ranked all the different potato options from good to bad and how often we should be eating them.

Check it out: