June 22, 2017
Genesis Blanco

Looking for a delicious and healthy go-to snack? Greek Yogurt is a very easy and satisfying alternative to those mid-day cravings! Look for any of the unsweet Greek yogurt brands available. This is a protein packed snack with NO sugar.

The best part about this alternative is that you can add in any toppings from a drizzle of honey, dark chocolate chips, chopped almonds, berries, oats and even cinnamon. Sometimes we like to have a little sweetness in our life and these options are endless!

You can pack your yogurt snacks in Tupperware when preparing for your week. This way you are able to have them ready for when you are on the go! This makes for a fun, easy, and scrumptious way to have your snack ready to eat at any time. Enjoy!