CrossFit Brownsville 9:17 AM (0 minutes ago) to me

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to talk a bit about a question I get a lot. People often are looking for “quick results” and occasionally ask about working out twice a day to speed things up.

Exercise is just one piece of the puzzle to a healthy life. Usually I answer by suggesting using the extra time to meal prep and make sure you’re doing your part when it comes to nutrition. Under eating as well as over eating can be detrimental to our “gains”.

For most of us, 1 hour a day of exercise is more than enough to create change.

Apart from that, you can speed up your results by paying attention to what you eat, drink drink drink all the water (aim for 80 ounces/day), and… wait for it… get a good night of sleep! It’s shocking how little some people sleep!

Have a great Wednesday!

David Arce