Steve Hughes

CrossFit is a great way to get fit! Although if you’re new to CrossFit, you might not know what to expect. Although each CrossFit Affiliate runs a bit differently, most of the programming, or workouts, are similarly set up. Each class is one hour long and run by one of our highly experienced coaches.

Here is what a class at CrossFit Brownville is like:

Warm-Up (8-10 min)

Your coach will lead a group warm-up at the beginning of every class. The warm up will consist of movements similar to what will be done in class that day. This will elevate the heart rate and prepare us for the upcoming workout.

Strength/Skill Work (10-20 min)

We will mostly start with working a strength movement like back squat or a skill like pull ups or jump rope. The warm-up will have prepared you for the movements involved in this part of the workout. Your coach will instruct you on how to perform the strength/skill. While you perform the movements, your coach will analyze, adjust, and help to improve your technique.

 Conditioning (10-35 min)

After the strength/skill work is our conditioning part of the class. These workouts vary every day so you never repeat the same workout. It is a brand new workout every day! Your coach will discuss this part of the workout with the class and prepare you for the movements involved. Everyone in class will start at the same time and your coach will always be there to help you maximize your workouts.

Cool Down

After you have completed the conditioning, your coach will give you a cool down movement or stretch that you should perform. You can discuss the workout with your coach at this time, although you will probably be catching your breath! Once you are all done, you will put your equipment away, enter your results for the day in our tracking program, and call it a day!

That’s all there is to it!

A class at CrossFit Brownsville is waiting for YOU!