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At some point over the last 10 years… or however long you’ve been considering diet/ eating better. You’ve probably said “oh my god I don’t even know what to eat any more!” What kind of carbs are good? Fat is bad right? I don’t want to eat too much protein because then I”ll get too big!

If you’ve said one of these before, you’re in the majority, welcome! There’s SO much information out there, it can be a bit intimidating. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed. Over the next three days, I’m going to go over each of the 3 “Macro-Nutrients” again, as I still get questions about at least one per day. I Love questions, please ask away always!

Protein is used by your body for recovery and growth. (“It is an important building block of muscles, bones, cartilage, skin and blood” – WebMD). It is typically recommended that you consume .8 – 1g per Lb of body weight depending on your goals. A 130 Lb woman should for about 105g – 120g of protein per day.

In 3 years of talking to people about their diet, I have found that women tend to under-eat. “Most” women I talk to want to “tone up”. “Toning up” requires reduction of fat WHILE building or maintaining muscle. This is why hours of cardio doesn’t work… cardio burns fat AND muscle, you’ll NEVER tone, you’ll just “shrink” loosely.

***Your body cannot “tone up” if you don’t give it what it needs… in this case, Protein. Eat please, and then eat some more!***

Men on the other hand, tend to overeat. . Over-eating protein can also be bad… It can cause us to gain both muscle AND fat or “dirty bulk” which we may not want. This can lead to big arms… chest… and belly! Most men I talk to want to add muscle, but also “lean out”. This requires that we… Burn fat and, build or at least maintain muscle. A 200 Lb man should aim for 160 – 200g of protein.

In both cases, keeping track of how much protein we are eating can make all the difference, and the MyFitnessPal App is SO easy once you get to using it.

We want our protein from lean meats such as Grilled chicken breast, turkey, pork loin and fish. Those are the “leanest”. We can also eat red meat but keep in mind that it is a little higher in Fat. Dietary fats from meat is great, but you don’t necessarily want an all red meat diet. Once or even twice a day depending on the person and their goals. Try staying away from anything processed such as sausage (my fave #sadface) and/or anything canned if you’re into that sort of thing.

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