Will lifting weights make you bulky?

The answer is, “only if you want it to”

Lifting weights has been a piece of the fitness puzzle for a long time, but do you need it to reach your goals?

Lifting weights, or resistance training, offers your body a ton of benefits. Its the BEST way to build and add muscle. More muscle in your body helps to burn more calories and, when paired with the right foods, more fat! It can also improve cardiovascular health, boost your metabolism, prevent injuries, fight many diseases, and even improve mental health.

If your goals include a significant amount of “weight loss”, resistance training / weight lifting helps us “tone up” as we lose weight. 

When people who want to “get bulky” lift weights, they do certain types of lifts and reps ranges that help them towards those goals. They will also need to eat towards towards those specific goals. 

At CrossFit Brownsville, we do lift weights, but our intent in class is not specifically body building. Some of our personal training clients want to get bulkier, so we designed programs for them individually.

In our group classes, our weightlifting is combined with conditioning, basic gymnastics, and nutrition to create lean, healthy individuals for life.